Mentality is an important aspect of a person. How one perceives different circumstances in life is vital. How do you react to situations as they come? In life hardship is inevitable even for those whose success seems to come in a silver platter. Then again in this day and age we are living in there are too many “Naysayers” the kind who see difficulty in every opportunity instead of the reverse.
I sat down, took time and looked around my mind far away in a land of thoughts and more thoughts. Then there it was my answer to what life really is; a butterfly.
A butterfly is an insect with a long thin body and four usually brightly colored wings .It is really beautiful a sight to behold. But do you know that it does not just happen! It is a journey one filled with hustle and bustle.
An egg is first laid. When the egg finally hatches it does not come out as a butterfly but rather as larva, might I add that at its larval stage it is just but a short fat worm. This made me look at the journey to success and life fulfillment, when you make your first toddler steps people will not always appreciate who you are ,to them and sometimes even to yourself you maybe just a short fat worm! People will make you feel terrible, try getting rid of you every opportunity that arises calling you all sorts of names and making you feel like trash on the street. This is where mentality and attitude come in, the weak at heart falter and fall and allow themselves to get stepped on, but those who see the bigger picture fight and eventually metamorphosiseinto the next stage.
The second stage of a butterfly’s life is a caterpillar; it is a small worm with legs. Note it becomes not just a worm but one with legs. This shows us that if we fight and keep on going something will be added unto your very own legs! Now I do not mean legs legs , you have got a pair which are quite sufficient but something that will help you move even faster to your dreams. This stage however is not any easier, if anything it is actually harder. Look at a caterpillar what is your first reaction when you see it? Do you pick it up and put in a safe place? I highly doubt that. Most probably you reach for your shoe in a millisecond and crush it in the next. This is what happens to people in their caterpillar stage, people will want to smash you not with a shoe obviously but with words and actions. They will tell you to stop fighting a battle you will never win. Many surrender themselves to fate while a few carry on.
Then it happens! The worm with legs becomes a butterfly this beautiful creature a sight for sore eyes. In this stage unlike the previous stages you attract people of all kinds good and bad, but what I love the most about this stage is that just like a butterfly who only lands on the prettiest of flowers you settle for nothing but the best.
If you are thinking that life’s challenges are eternal ,think again and this time have the bigger picture in mind.Do not let your now cloud your view so much so as not seeing your later. In you lies greatness, just like a butterfly and now just like it go out and become the butterfly you are for the world to see.




Sometimes all we need is somebody to twist some words for us, to twist some of the things we have heard all our lives and for some reason they have ultimately defined who we are.

Growing up I have read books, listened to speakers and sermons and in many of them the power of the tongue is consistent. I learned that what I say to myself each day is vital and also what I say to other people matters a lot and consequently what other people say about me is just as important.

All of the above is true and very important, but  I tend to think that part of caring about what other say has caused a lot of pain , anguish and low self-esteem in many people’s lives especially the younger generation.

We live in a society where worth is defined by money , power, looks, educational achievement among other things. Many have been accustomed to listening to negative words being thrown at them for either not having this or being that. Society gives you respect according to your said worth. The negativity and judgement are always there from every direction and worse from friends and family.

An ocean in a drop is all about telling that one person who has been told one too many times that they are not worth anything that they are more than what has been said.Rather than just a drop in the ocean that makes no difference , you are an ocean in drop you can influence change, you can be anything with what you have how you are and where you are no matter who said what.

You are perfect just the way you are……………………………..To be continued.

Let’s try love.

Love is among the most misused words in this generation.There was a time when people said I love you and meant it but this generation has its own version of I love you ,it mostly comes in when they can benefit from you ,how sad!!

We have to remember, remember to love ,to care ,truly. Thus I say let’s try love!

Love yourself for you can only truly love the next person if you love you. Love for family not because you are forever bound by blood but because family is and will be an unbreakable bond. Love for friends cause without them our days are dull and not forgetting some friends are family and sometimes more. Love for that one special person who stole your heart ,who makes you feel special for they are a part of you.

Most importantly love for your God ,your maker.

Maybe this way we will be better people ,on social media we’ll care for that friend we’ve never met, in person we will value our loved ones and ourselves making the world a better place on person at a time.


Silence is golden they say but I beg to differ silence golden as it is said to be is a destroyer.Silence has destroyed families where people are related by blood and surname but know close to nothing about each other,it has destroyed friendships and now all we hear is we don’t talk anymore ,it has destroyed businesses and how can I forget the effect it has had on relationships ; no one wants to be the first to speak to say sorry to explain something and so they drift away marking the end of something beautiful.

In this day and age when everybody is so carried away by their own issues that we forget to live, to care, to speak,rather we watch in silence as the poor get mistreated by the rich ,as young children get raped by their parents ,as leaders mislead us and steal from the nation in broad daylight, as our young people are headed towards doom in the name of swag and trends yet we remain silent.

I think it is about time people spoke out, this would probably stop a lot of evil! By defending a young girl from getting abused ,you probably will not get recognised but you have changed the life of a young girl forever, by saying hi to that stranger you might have made their day .Speaking would save families ,friendships and relationships and we would not have to lose those we love because of ego .

There are two sides to every coin however, thus they said silence is golden ,sometimes talking when we should not costs us ,some things are better left unsaid or said at a different time,Some words said at the spur of the moment may destroy relationships forever and so it is correct to say that relationships built over years can be destroyed by one wrong word.Even as I say we should speak we must also be sure to speak to the right people those concerned with the issue at hand.

It is upon us to know when silence is golden or destroyer,because at times we talk we lose and others we talk we gain ,we are silent we lose we are silent we gain.Just know when to do either because trust me did you do not want to wish you had spoken when you did not or had been silent when you spoke.